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Resurfacing System

Dynafloor Systems, Inc. manufactures and installs one of the strongest and long lasting overlay systems in the industry. Unlike many coating and resurfacing material manufacturers our products are not user friendly, they are not made for just anyone to install. Our products are meant to be installed by professional installers who can work with 100% solids epoxy products that are not cut with solvents or fillers. When fillers or solvents are added to epoxy coatings and resurfacers you are sacrificing strength, but they are easier to use. We would rather install the strongest floors in the industry than sell inferior products that anyone can use. We install 95% of the flooring products that we manufacture, the other 5% is installed by professional flooring contractors that have been trained by us.

Our basic resurfacing system can be tailored for your specific needs. If you need conductive or static dissipative properties in your production areas, we have a resurfacing system for you. The same is true if you have a containment area that requires acid or chemical resistant properties. We offer resurfacing systems for all your industrial flooring needs.

  • U.S.D.A. accepted
  • High compressive and tensile strength
  • Non-shrink, rapid cure
  • Four times stronger than concrete
  • Trowelable to a feather edge

Resurfacing Specs

Download spec sheet - DF3062.pdf (PDF, 116k)

  1. Prepare surface by Shotblast method- Shotblast, we and most in the industry have found, is by far the best and newest way to prepare a concrete floor for any type of topping or coating. Shotblast is a dust free process in which a blast-head shoots steel shot at the concrete, which removes the dirt and contaminants. The blast-head (which is self-contained) recycles the shot and sends the dirt and sort of, trash receptacle for disposal. Generally after the Shotblast process is completes, the completed, the concrete has a profile that is clean and white. The concrete substrate is now ready to accept an epoxy topping.
  2. Fill low areas with Dynafloor's Epoxy Mortar Fill Mix - When a floor has low spots or large gouges in areas it is necessary to raise the level and fill the large holes before resurfacing the entire area. This done with our three-part epoxy fill mix, which has a compressive strength of 12,500 psi.
  3. Resurface area with Dynafloor's Heavy Duty Resurfacer - When you resurface a concrete floor, you are basically installing a new floor. Epoxy mortar consists of an epoxy resin, and epoxy hardener and a sand aggregate. These three components are mixed together in a mortar mixer for an exact period of time and then spread on the prepared concrete surface with screed boxes to the desired thickness (Usually_"-3/8"). The resurfacing material is then finished with power trowels to insure the proper compression and smoothness. This step leaves a flat, monolithic surface with a compressive strength of 12,000-14,000psi.
  4. After the epoxy resurfacer is cured we grind the floor with grinding stones to eliminate any imperfections left by the power trowels.
  5. Seal System with DF-1282 100% solids Hi-build Epoxy - After the resurfaced floor is ground and swept we seal the floor with a coat of hi-build epoxy coating. Our coatings are all 100% solids epoxy-which basically means no solvents and no shrinkage. This two component coating is mixed and then applied with notched squeegees to insure a uniform spreading of the material. We then back-roll the material to insure a uniform finish.

NOTE: In step 5 we can install an aggregate to give a non-slip texture.

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