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Hi-Build Epoxy Coating System Specs

  1. Prepare surface by Shotblast method- Shotblasting, we and most in the industry have found, is by far the best and neatest way to prepare a concrete floor for any type of topping or coating. Shotblasting is a dust-free process in which blast-head shoots steel shot at the concrete which removes the dirt and contaminants. The blast-head (which is self-contained recycles the shot and send the dirt and contaminants into a self-contained dust collector, which is then emptied into any sort of, trash receptacle for disposal. Generally after the shotblasting process is completed, the concrete has a profile that is clean and white. The concrete substrate is now ready to accept an epoxy topping.
  2. Prime surface with DF-2662 100% solids epoxy primer. DF-2662 is a 2 component 100% solids epoxy material that penetrates into and anchors itself on a shotblasted concrete surface. Our primers also have elongation properties greater than that of concrete, this prevents chipping and cracking and also allows for slight movement in the substrate.
  3. Fill cracks with DF-3680 Low Modulus Epoxy Gel. After the primer is cured we fill the cracks so when the topcoat is put down they are eliminated and you have a seamless surface. This material is a non-shrink 100% solids epoxy gel that cures to a compressive strength of 9,000 psi.
  4. Seal System with DF-1282 100% solids Hi-Build Epoxy- After the resurfaced floor is ground and swept we seal the floor with a coat of hi-build epoxy coating. Our coatings are all 100% solids epoxy-which basically means no solvents and no shrinkage. This two component coating is mixed and the applied with notched squeegees to insure a uniform spreading of the material. We then back-roll the material to insure a uniform finish.

NOTE: In step 5 we can install an aggregate to give a non-slip texture.

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