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Dyna Floor
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Dyna Floor

High-Performance Floor Coatings

Dyna Floor Systems, Inc. produces an extensive line of epoxy and alkyd-based, high-performance floor coatings. These exceptional coatings have been developed and tested over a number of years in "real-use" situations. Dyna Floor gives customers what they need in floor coatings - quality, diversity, and innovation.

All of our coatings are formulated from 100% solid epoxy resins and have excellent resistance to normal wear and tear. We have coatings systems for all your needs. Our acid and chemical resistant coatings can be custom formulated to protect your concrete from whatever contaminant you tell us is being used in your facility. The same is true with regard to static electricity. Some facilities need static dissipative properties and some need conductive properties, we can tailor the coatings to your needs. This in turn saves you money in that you are not over paying for a product that is overkill.

  • 100% solids, no solvents
  • no toxic solvent fumes
  • USDA approved
  • environmentally safe
  • dust-free surface preparation provides long-lasting high-build film and impermeable barrier
  • chemical and abrasion resistant
  • easy to clean

Coating System Specs

  • DF1282 - High Build (PDF, 129K)
  • DF9224 - Acid Resistant (PDF, 127K)
  • DFKCD - Static Dissipative (PDF, 127K)
  • DF2662 - High Performance Primer (PDF, 115K)
Dyna Floor

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